Thursday, April 16, 2009

Early Censorship Essay

This essay is in its early stages.

Imagine for a second a world where everything you watch on TV or listen to on radio was dictated by someone. That someone has the authority to remove certain programming that he or she finds obscene. As a kid, this someone should be a parent. It’s the parent’s responsibility to being up the child anyway they wish, I think. So I have to ask, why is the US government going out of its way to censor television and radio? Do they think that parents today can’t possibly keep track of their kids, and even what they watch? If you asked me, I think that the US government and the Federal Cumunications Company should leave it up to the individual to decide what they and their children watch and listen to.
The legal definition of censorship today is the suppression of images or idea by government or others with authority. Censorship has been used throughout history for communities to mold individuals to a certain standard, with the community represented by government. Despite this, the English speaking world has been struggling with censorship since the seventeenth century. The first amendment even gives people of the United States the rights to free speech and the press. Often times, when something gets censored that’s written and spoken, the party getting censored will usually argue that the censorship is in violation of their first amendment rights. (
Representative Bernie Sanders in 2005 spoke in opposition to The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, or HR 310. HR 310 would increase fines for any broadcast party that would speak or display content that’s considered obscene, indecent or contains profane language. Sanders is concerned that this is another way for the government to censor and regulate the media. “There are a lot of people in Congress,” states Sanders, “who talk about the intrusive role of “government regulators,” but today they want government regulators to tell radio and TV stations what they can air.”
So what should government do about censoring TV, the radio and the internet? Nothing. Why should government take responsibility for regulating what we watch? There’s no reason. Whatever happened to a person who would see something on television that offended them, and then that person would just change the channel and watch another show. Adam Thierer and I are on the same page with him asking “What happened to common sense and personal responsibility in this country?”
I’m not saying we should not censor everything as there are a few things that need to be looked at. Charles Lee even knows this; well he thinks censorship is the best thing. Lee even goes as far as calling pornography, “Satan,” and the internet, “hell.” Mr. Lee even admits that he was addicted to pornography at one point, until he looked in the mirror and said he saw Satan in himself. Lee would then throw away what he called “JCPornography” magazines and joined a church, never viewing pornography again. Charles Lee claims that children who view pornography at an early age, sixteen or seventeen, are destroyed for life.
So who’s at fault if a child sees pornography? I can say I’ve been exposed to nudity while watching the movie Titanic as a child, and my parents saw the movie along with me. I don’t think that scene destroyed my life.
Why can’t more parents be like mine when it comes to censorship? They knew what would be okay for me to view when watching R-rated movies. My mom and dad knew wouldn’t expose me to certain indecent stuff, like sexual themes, nude scenes, or intense swearing. They would still let me watch movies with moderate swearing and violence. Through this, I was able to create values of my own and determine for myself what was good and what’s bad.
I have babysat for an extended period of time in my life and made sure that the kids wouldn’t be exposed to certain obscene material. I would always tell them that their mother would overrule me if I said something to the contrary. One issue was the maturity level of the two children. One was in the seventh grade during my time and the other, I believe was in the second or third grade. Yes, they did watch some shows with questionable content before I ever stepped in, so I allowed them to watch the shows, but I always kept in the room in case something was overly obscene. Both the children loved to play video games as well, and asked me on numerous occasions to bring some games over. This is where I made sure the games I didn’t want them playing didn’t make it to the house, even if it was at my own expense.
Part of Lee’s argument states that ninety-nine percent of Americans use the internet to view pornography. Is Lee trying to say that only one person out of a hundred doesn’t use the internet to view pornography? Lee however fails to list his source backing up this statement.
It’s should be up to the individual what is decent for them and what isn’t, not the government. Lawmakers even complain about the restrictions placed on television and radio, but as demonstrated with The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005, the government doesn’t back up what they say. It’s a shame that because one individual was offended by what was seen or heard that government has to make the changes. All of this as we get closer to losing our liberties in this country.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HIPAA Regulations

April 2nd, 2009Lewiston Morning TribuneC/O: Letter to the EditorP.O. Box 957Lewiston, ID 83501Re: HIPAA RegulationsTo whom it may concern: Just recently someone visited the Doctors office and received a packet disclosing important information regarding their play in who has access to their medical records. The packet states that, “A policy was made regarding personal health disclosure (policies pg. 1). What exactly does that mean? Regarding to the Notice of Privacy and Practices it states, “Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) medical centers must take steps to protect the privacy of your “protected health information” (PHI)” (policies pg 1). With medical facilities informing their patient of the HIPAA regulations it is a very comforting procedure knowing that precautions are being taken to ensure less chances of identity theft and the release of personal health information. When a patient goes into a medical facility at the time of service they are given the HIPPA paperwork. This is where they have the opportunity to write who they want to have access to their medical records and who they would like contacted in case of an emergency. Medical facilities must obtain written authorization for the release of medical records in certain situations (policies pg. 2). The Notice of Privacy states that you have the right to request restrictions (tell us how much information can be given to someone involved in your care), ask that we communicate with you by another means (ask to be reached at a different address for certain reasons, will need to be done in writing), request a copy of you PHI, ask us to amend PHI, seek an accounting of certain disclosures (list of the times information has been disclosed) and request a copy of this notice (policies pg. 4). However, most patients do not realize that they may change who has access to their medical records at any time. The Notice of Privacy Practices states that medical facilities do not need patient authorization when it comes to professionals involved in your health care also, towards those who you may be transferred to regarding care for that specific matter. This policy states that payments towards you health coverage does not need authorization for insurance companies. When the medical facility is required by law they may information workers’ compensation laws included. When a situation of abuse or neglect occurs government entities are authorized to receive reports. Oversight agencies are those who perform investigations, audits, and inspections licensures may have access to those if circumstances arise. The policy states that legal proceedings may have access in response to an order, a subpoena, discovery request, or unlawful process. The law enforcement officials have limited circumstances to when a disclosure may be released, such as, to identify or locate a suspect, witness, or missing person. The policy states that military activity and national security may be authorized regarding federal officials for national security and intelligence, also being able to do their job at protecting somebody. The policy also states that public health and safety may be authorized to have access to medical records to take the following precautions: track prescription drugs, medical devices, control diseases, injury etc (policies pg. 2 entire paragraph). Due to the federal law here in Idaho at the age of fourteen the patient has the right to state who has access to their medical records. Having experienced certain situations in the medical field it has been displayed that parents do not agree with this new regulation. When the occasion arises when the teen needs to fill out a new HIPAA the parent becomes very distressed, especially, at the fact that they are the ones who have to pay the bill but aren’t allowed to know anything that happens in the back office unless the patient states otherwise. However, most of the teens are relieved to know that they have the option to keep certain things to themselves. With the way that society has changed over the years it is probably a relief to know that they can come into a medical facility and not have to fear their parents finding out what may be in their medical records. I am a strong believer of the HIPAA. It is very comforting to know that I am able to State, who has access to my medical records and personal information. However, I do understand the parents’ feelings in regards to their teens being able to decide who can and can’t have access to their medical records at the age of fourteen. I myself would want to know if something was wrong with my daughter if I have to pay the bill. There must be a reason that she doesn’t want me to know, does she know she did something wrong, is she ashamed or scared? I don’t know but, if that teen does need help, I feel that they’ll open up and come ask for help. Most situations in the medical facility are confidential; however, situations may arise where that confidentially may be broken. Things are kept to a minimal in medical facilities in regards to how much needs and can be given.

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Notice of Privacy Practices and Practice Policies. Valley Medical Center: Lewiston, ID,
Effective April 14th, 2003.

The Danger of Weather

The Danger of Weather
As Mistie stepped out of the warm heated house at six in the morning she was greeted with the
bitter cold air. She looked around and saw no change in the weather. The weather was the same
as it was the previous day. The tress were covered with an old layer of snow from the previous storm that
had rolled in. The snow glistened like crystals as the light from the front porch hit them. The house was
enclosed with a small mist overlooking the small creek a couple miles down the mountainside. Looking
down the mountainside there was nothing but a straight drop off the side of the cliff. As Mistie continued
to leave for school she put one foot in front of the other and realized that she was walking on nothing but
a thick sheet of ice. Not only was there a sheet of ice on the stairs which lead to the driveway,
but the roads had suddenly become dangerous.
Not realizing what the road conditions were she hopped into her car and started heading
down the mountain. The sky was clear as shadows from the stars glistened into the moving car. Mistie
continued down the mountain where an opening appeared from the clutter of evergreen trees it was a
beautiful site to see but, Mistie was concentrating on the turn that was about to come. About a quarter of
the way down the mountain Mistie was proud thinking she had tackled the most dangerous turn on the
mountainside. Little did she know that her luck was about to change. The car hit the part of the mountain
where it started to lose speed, so she pressed on the gas to accelerate. Once the car picked up speed it hit a
small turn, a second later the car started to swerve.
She slammed on the brakes and lost complete control of the car. The car was picking up speed as
it was swerving from left to right on inside. On the right side of the car there was a twenty foot
drop with a clump of trees lining the side of the road with a small brem that stood half a foot tall. The car
continued to swerve as it hit the next curve. The car was now on the left side of the road. There was
nothing but a straight drop off the side of the road, about half a mile up the mountain. With fear running
through her body she started to shake as she gripped the steering wheel. Her eyes were wide open as they
started to fill with water. The only thing going through her mind was, “I hope I don’t go off the cliff.” She
started to scream “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO” as she hit the side of the road leading to the edge of the
mountain. Not knowing what to do, she thought; it’s over I’m going off the edge. She let go of the
steering wheel, as her eyes clamped shut with fear of what was going to happen next. The front tire hit a
piece of thick ice or even a rock which moved the tires pushing the car into a different direction away
from the cliff.
A second later her eyes opened and the only thing she saw was the car headed straight for the
mountainside. So many things were going through her head trying to scramble to find a solution as to
safely getting out of this situation. “What did my uncle say to do when you slide, what did he say!” she
exclaimed, as the car suddenly came to a complete stop. The two front wheels had hit the side of the berm
which stopped the car and swung the two back wheels around. She was now facing the other direction on
the road. With the adrenalin still running through her veins she sat there for a minute trying to grasp what
had just happed. Not knowing what to expect she got out of the car to see the damage done. To her
surprise there was no damage. She got back into the car hoping she was going to be able to get the car out
of the brem. To her surprise the car reversed. Mistie headed up the mountain to turn around.
As she headed back down the mountainside, she was able to see the markings on the road from
where the car had lost control. Tire marks leading from right to left to right to left hitting each curve just
barely from the roads edge. She noticed she had come only one inch from the edge of the mountainside
where she had let go of the steering wheel. With amazement and the feeling of relief Mistie suddenly
realized she was very lucky to be alive. She felt someone one was watching over her making sure she had
gotten down that mountain safely, yet to teach her a lesson about driving up in the mountains during the
winter time. From that point on when Mistie leaves the house she will not underestimate how dangerous
the roads may be. No matter what the weather conditions may be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ideas for Comparison Essay.

Just thought I'd share what I think should be in the essay.

1. Summarize both Thoreau's and Stegner's articles.
2. Pick one point that you can compare and go with that.

Also, remember to use quotes form each work to justify your words.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Logical Fallacies for Dummies

A simple dumbed down version of the 10 most common logical fallacies.

1. Argument to the Person: Rather than using actual facts to provide for your arguments, you say the person is dumb. (Ex: "Your argument is bad because you are stupid."

Problem with example: Rather than using facts that disprove a person's argument, the author chooses to attack the person rather than his facts.

2. Circular Resoning: Restating the claim rather than proving it. (Ex: "A rubber tire is made of rubber."

Problem with example: We know that a rubber tire is made from rubber, duh.

3. Hasty Generalization: Trying to figure out what a problem is while using little evidence. (Ex: My roomate got tired playing basketball, therefore he is overweight.")

Problem with example: You don't know whether they have been playing for five minutes or five hours, how intense my roomate played, wheter the game was physical or not, etc.

4. False Cause: Assuming that since B followed A, A caused B. (Ex. The TV broke after my sister turned it on, therefore my sister broke the TV.

Problem with example: The TV could have been old and it's time was up, heck maybe it's unplugged?

5. Either/or: Saying you have only two options. (Ex: You can either drive a Ford or a Chevrolet.)

Problem with example: There aren't just two car makes out there. You could drive a Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Suburu, and others.

6. Red Herring: Bringing up a topic that doesn't have anything to do with the main point. (Ex: The Daytona 500 was a great race last week, I had eaten so much that I was stuffed.)

Problem with statement: What does what I'm eating have to do with the Daytona 500 race. Nothing since it didn't affect the race, so me eating is irrelevent to the race.

7. Slippery Slope: Assuming one event will start a chain reaction. (Ex: If the professor doesn't come to class, then he will be fired and we will get a bad replacement professor and everyone will fail.)

Problem with example: The professor could be sick, maybe the replacement is good, and everyone won't fail.

8. False Comparison: Comparint two things that are too diffrent. (Ex. Saying NASCAR doesn't need a playoff is like rewarding the New England Patriots the Championship with a 16-0 record.)

Problem with example: NASCAR and Football are two completely diffrent sports, therefore you can't judge how each determine a champion.

9. Non sequitor: Having data that doesn't support a conclusion. (Ex: My tires are flat, therefore my car won't start.)

Problem with example: Will the engine crank when you turn the key? Just because your tires are flat doesn't mean your car won't start. You may not be able to drive it though.

10. Bandwagon: Claiming the popularity of an idea makes it good. (Ex: A lot of people I know own an Xbox 360, so I guess I should buy one.)

Problem with example: So everyone having an Xbox 360 automatically makes it better? What if the person likes the games better on the Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii.

Basically, you've gotta think critically about what's being said and ask questions.

I've posted this hear to help you guys out.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is a great tool, and we are wasting it. I know I'm guilty of it as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuck in the Driveway (Really, really rough copy)

He awoke to the sound of a telephone ring and herd his father answer it. All he could think about was why he answered the phone and got out of bed. Just as he opened his bedroom door, he could hear the front door shut.
Feeling sick to his stomach, reluctantly, he got a bowl of cereal to eat. The most on his mind was the fact that he wasn’t well.
All he could think was the bug his mother suffered for the past couple of days. She was in bed for a majority of the time and couldn’t keep anything that she ate in her system, dehydrating herself. She was finally good enough to go back to work now. All this, while finishing his bowl of cereal.
The telephone rang.
He now knew something wasn’t right at this moment. He picked up the phone and one the other end was his mom. She asked of him to come get her un-stuck in the driveway.
There was no second guessing, despite the fact he was sick. He jumped up out of his chair, grabbed his coat, boots, and other gear he needed.
Over the past week, it snowed like crazy and nearly a foot and a half of snow accumulated on the ground, not enough to make getting out impossible, but enough to prevent, “joy rides” downtown.
With his gear on, he grabbed a shovel and headed up the driveway. As he walked up he saw his mom’s car stuck on the lefts side with her left-rear taillight against a tree with her wheel buried in the snow. If there was any place for her to get stuck, the left side in the embankment was. If she had got stuck to the right, she would have gone down the edge, leaving her car immobile.
His father had already tried a few things, including chains that were in his wife’s car. His father than asked his son to get the chains out of his car. The son then walked back down to the parking area where his car was parked.
The son had made efforts to brush the snow off his car, which resulted in snow piles around his car. The piles made getting in a slight pain, but not too much of one. He opened the rear hatch and grabbed his chains. The only thing left for the son was to get the chains back up the hill.
The chains, back in the driveway, would be hard to install on the car. The angle to place them on the left-front tire was awkward, as the car’s left-side was against the embankment. He eventually just placed the chains on the ground and attempt to have the car use those as a base point to get some grip hopefully to move forward out of the position.
Despite the efforts, it didn’t work.
The father cursed out loud and figured the only thing that he could do was try to pull her out. The problem though was his truck was in the parking area with no hope of getting it out. The father called his wife’s father to bring his chain.
Meanwhile, the son felt tired, winded, and hot. He had to take a short rest to regain as much of his composure as he possibly could.
While this was going on, the mother was able to position her car so that it wasn’t against the tree. The problem now was that she couldn’t get momentum to get up the driveway.
The son’s grandfather then pulled up and gave a chain to the son. The son then delivered the chain to his father and the hooked the mother’s car to his father’s truck. The process of getting the stuck car down had begun.
Not the smoothest of works, but eventually the mother’s car was able to get down to the bottom and get another run up the driveway. This time, she made it out.
The father and son then walked up and down the driveway to pick up the materials that were used. It was safe to say that both were relived.
The father then got ready to go to work. Nothing could possibly overtake this in his day.
The son went back into the house and continued to diminish the effects of his stomach bug. Drinking Gatorade, ingesting soup, and laying down, he would eventually feel better.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

this i believe essay

The Beauty of My Child
Figure 1 My daughter Jalyssa Kaylynn Beach and I are ready to hit the town in Reno, NV.
Jalyssa Kaylynn Beach is the focus of the most important things I believe in. Even though,
she is only three years old, she has taught me many things that I have been lacking.
Jalyssa has helped me to find who I am. Having a child has helped me reach for goals I
thought I never had.
I do believe that my little girl was a blessing in disguise. Jalyssa has shown me what it really
means to truly love someone. Before Jalyssa had come into my life I could care less about anybody,
unless it had to do with me. My friendships and relationships with people were not like they used to be. I
had distanced myself from all the people I truly cared about. Once I found out I was pregnant my attitude
towards the world had started to change. What was once so important now seemed so small as I learned
about unconditional love. Love is the greatest gift of all.
I believe Jalyssa is a child of God and was sent here to show me what I have been shutting out of
my life. Since she has come into my life my relationship with my mother has grown. During my self-
absorbed faze my relation ship with my mother had deteriorated. We had not spoken for over a year. The
moment I found out I was pregnant she was the only person I could turn to. Since then, my mother had
given me the strength to go back to church. To fill a void that has been empty for many years.
I believe Jalyssa has brought inspiration into my life. Before Jalyssa, I was content working at
Wal-Mart. Once my daughter came into my life my focus had shifted. Jalyssa has given me the
inspiration to further my education. I believe she has helped me figure out who I am and what I need to do
to accomplish my goals.
Raising a child as a single parent is one of the most difficult things a person could do. I believe
Jalyssa has shown and taught me many things about growing up and taking responsibility for myself and
others. Before Jalyssa came into my life I only had to take responsibility for myself. I relied on friends
and was out all the time. I had no real responsibilities. After having a child things changed. I now had
myself and a child to take care of. I had to grow up fast at twenty-one, but it was one of the best things to
happen in my life.
Through Jalyssas eyes I have learned to see the world in a more positive aspect .I am truly
blessed to have her in my life and would not change that for anything.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belief Essay (Working Title)

Every person in the world is just that, a person. Everyday, however, we are subjected to how we should live by our friends, peers, doctors, and even the media. The worst part is that some think they are right, and some are. Some think that you may not overcome obstacles, which in my mind, makes it much more worth while when you accomplish that feat. You can turn around later and laugh in their face saying, “I did it.” This is what makes life wonderful, watching people break through unfavorable odds to turn out successful. To accomplish these, I believe that every person should do as they wish, take time to chill, and find ways to break through no matter the odds.
I believe that anyone shall do what they wish with their body. The human body has is a wonderful object though we may not realize it. It comes with all sorts of shapes and sizes, but you can’t buy a new one or get an exchange. You’ve got what you got. Many people do things to their body that I wouldn’t do to mine, but that’s okay because it’s theirs. You keep hearing in the news about how many Americans are obese and that trend needs to change. It doesn’t need to change, but their ideas are beneficial. Some may like to eat, some may not. Some others get tattoos or plastic surgery. Whatever makes them happy should come first. So why should one have to change according to some people? Probably it’s because others apply pressure for you to change. If you wish not to lose twenty pounds this year, then by all means don’t.
I believe that every person has to have peace of mind. Ever been to a restaurant with great service? Ones where the waitress is friendly, the food isn’t bad, and there are people at the door to welcome you. It’s such a wonderful thing to get great service, thus I believe that everyone deserves good service. I guess this goes back to the saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s so necessary that I think businesses need to realize that they are more likely to get a customer’s service again if they provide good service. This way, when you get your car serviced or call technical support, you can be at ease that you’re getting some of the best support possible. How would you feel if you got a new battery and then three weeks later the battery ends up failing? You’d probably come back to the company and demand that they fix it, maybe even throw in a few choice words. Peace of mind also applies to work or school. Some people think that everything must go perfect for a great day, too bad there is no such thing as perfect. If one of your employees ends up to be a criminal wanted for murder in another state, you most likely would let him go or have the police come and take him away. That’s one thing; another is trying to figure out how you’re going to create a budget for next year. The problem is you don’t know what your budget is, and it’s out of your hands, yet you worry. You can’t just worry about all this, there’s no sense to. Maybe there is no peace of mind, but you must be able to come to the conclusion that you can’t do anything at that moment. It’ll get annoying as you get closer to your deadline though.
I believe that human will can overcome most, if not all, obstacles. Everyday we are thrown objects that test us. The real test is that we as humans don’t succumb to the toughness. This applies especially in this tough economy. We can’t point to one thing that will solve it, but we can do enough to ensure that you’ll be able to eat at night. Some other activities people have a hard time getting going is exercising, doing homework, and even getting out of bed in the morning. For those who can, that’s one obstacle out of the day to get by. It takes a little mental discipline. There are still some things that can block you from accomplishing your goals in life no matter what, but there are also ways to get around those obstacles as well.
I believe that these are usually what get a person down in the dumps if it’s not applied. I see everyday some people just chilling, others stressing, and wonder why. Not necessarily why they are stressing, but rather why are they so stressed about their source of the stress. There’s no sense in trying to change your life, if you don’t want to that is, so you could be healthier. An individual also must be able to sleep at night and know what they need to do to overcome the tasks at hand. What I all really boils down to is just get out of bed everyday and live.