Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Belief Essay (Working Title)

Every person in the world is just that, a person. Everyday, however, we are subjected to how we should live by our friends, peers, doctors, and even the media. The worst part is that some think they are right, and some are. Some think that you may not overcome obstacles, which in my mind, makes it much more worth while when you accomplish that feat. You can turn around later and laugh in their face saying, “I did it.” This is what makes life wonderful, watching people break through unfavorable odds to turn out successful. To accomplish these, I believe that every person should do as they wish, take time to chill, and find ways to break through no matter the odds.
I believe that anyone shall do what they wish with their body. The human body has is a wonderful object though we may not realize it. It comes with all sorts of shapes and sizes, but you can’t buy a new one or get an exchange. You’ve got what you got. Many people do things to their body that I wouldn’t do to mine, but that’s okay because it’s theirs. You keep hearing in the news about how many Americans are obese and that trend needs to change. It doesn’t need to change, but their ideas are beneficial. Some may like to eat, some may not. Some others get tattoos or plastic surgery. Whatever makes them happy should come first. So why should one have to change according to some people? Probably it’s because others apply pressure for you to change. If you wish not to lose twenty pounds this year, then by all means don’t.
I believe that every person has to have peace of mind. Ever been to a restaurant with great service? Ones where the waitress is friendly, the food isn’t bad, and there are people at the door to welcome you. It’s such a wonderful thing to get great service, thus I believe that everyone deserves good service. I guess this goes back to the saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s so necessary that I think businesses need to realize that they are more likely to get a customer’s service again if they provide good service. This way, when you get your car serviced or call technical support, you can be at ease that you’re getting some of the best support possible. How would you feel if you got a new battery and then three weeks later the battery ends up failing? You’d probably come back to the company and demand that they fix it, maybe even throw in a few choice words. Peace of mind also applies to work or school. Some people think that everything must go perfect for a great day, too bad there is no such thing as perfect. If one of your employees ends up to be a criminal wanted for murder in another state, you most likely would let him go or have the police come and take him away. That’s one thing; another is trying to figure out how you’re going to create a budget for next year. The problem is you don’t know what your budget is, and it’s out of your hands, yet you worry. You can’t just worry about all this, there’s no sense to. Maybe there is no peace of mind, but you must be able to come to the conclusion that you can’t do anything at that moment. It’ll get annoying as you get closer to your deadline though.
I believe that human will can overcome most, if not all, obstacles. Everyday we are thrown objects that test us. The real test is that we as humans don’t succumb to the toughness. This applies especially in this tough economy. We can’t point to one thing that will solve it, but we can do enough to ensure that you’ll be able to eat at night. Some other activities people have a hard time getting going is exercising, doing homework, and even getting out of bed in the morning. For those who can, that’s one obstacle out of the day to get by. It takes a little mental discipline. There are still some things that can block you from accomplishing your goals in life no matter what, but there are also ways to get around those obstacles as well.
I believe that these are usually what get a person down in the dumps if it’s not applied. I see everyday some people just chilling, others stressing, and wonder why. Not necessarily why they are stressing, but rather why are they so stressed about their source of the stress. There’s no sense in trying to change your life, if you don’t want to that is, so you could be healthier. An individual also must be able to sleep at night and know what they need to do to overcome the tasks at hand. What I all really boils down to is just get out of bed everyday and live.


  1. I like this draft, although we both know it still needs some work to become a polished essay, and yet it has a rough dignity of its own, doesn't it?

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