Thursday, January 29, 2009

this i believe essay

The Beauty of My Child
Figure 1 My daughter Jalyssa Kaylynn Beach and I are ready to hit the town in Reno, NV.
Jalyssa Kaylynn Beach is the focus of the most important things I believe in. Even though,
she is only three years old, she has taught me many things that I have been lacking.
Jalyssa has helped me to find who I am. Having a child has helped me reach for goals I
thought I never had.
I do believe that my little girl was a blessing in disguise. Jalyssa has shown me what it really
means to truly love someone. Before Jalyssa had come into my life I could care less about anybody,
unless it had to do with me. My friendships and relationships with people were not like they used to be. I
had distanced myself from all the people I truly cared about. Once I found out I was pregnant my attitude
towards the world had started to change. What was once so important now seemed so small as I learned
about unconditional love. Love is the greatest gift of all.
I believe Jalyssa is a child of God and was sent here to show me what I have been shutting out of
my life. Since she has come into my life my relationship with my mother has grown. During my self-
absorbed faze my relation ship with my mother had deteriorated. We had not spoken for over a year. The
moment I found out I was pregnant she was the only person I could turn to. Since then, my mother had
given me the strength to go back to church. To fill a void that has been empty for many years.
I believe Jalyssa has brought inspiration into my life. Before Jalyssa, I was content working at
Wal-Mart. Once my daughter came into my life my focus had shifted. Jalyssa has given me the
inspiration to further my education. I believe she has helped me figure out who I am and what I need to do
to accomplish my goals.
Raising a child as a single parent is one of the most difficult things a person could do. I believe
Jalyssa has shown and taught me many things about growing up and taking responsibility for myself and
others. Before Jalyssa came into my life I only had to take responsibility for myself. I relied on friends
and was out all the time. I had no real responsibilities. After having a child things changed. I now had
myself and a child to take care of. I had to grow up fast at twenty-one, but it was one of the best things to
happen in my life.
Through Jalyssas eyes I have learned to see the world in a more positive aspect .I am truly
blessed to have her in my life and would not change that for anything.

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